eDM-QMX6 Board

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    Release notes 2016.12.12

    Release date: 12.12.2016

    • Hardware
      • Added support for the intel based cpu modules
        • eDM-COMB-BW6
        • eDM-COMB-BS6
      • Removed support for iMX6 based cpu modules
    • Image
      • Now three type of image versions can be build, to be selected via the DISTO config variable
        • dmo-distro: Minimal version for simple bring up.
        • dmo-distro-qt: Extends the minimal version with the QT5.6 library
        • dmo-distro-x11: Extends the qt version with x11-Server and a minimal xfec4 installation
    • Kernel
      • For the x86 boards the default Yocto kernel is in use (version: 4.4.13)
      • Added dmec kernel driver to support the embedded controller as external modul. See https://github.com/data-modul/dmec for details.
    • Misc

    Release notes 2015.02.24

    Release date: 24.02.2015

    Images | Virtual Machine

    • Hardware changes
      • micro SD-card on the cpu-module (the module can not boot from this device)
    • Image changes
      • qt 5.2 is now GPU accelerated.
      • added qt 5 examples and cinematicexperience as demos.
      • two image versions:
        • dmo-image-release-x11: Is the full image as before
        • dmo-image-release-qt: qt only image without any x11 libs.
    • Yocto changes
      • added new machine configuration to build for the dual lite module.
      • added dmo specific distro configurations
        • poky-dmo-x11: to build the full image.
        • poky-dmo-qt: to build a qt only image without x11 support.
    • Kernel changes
      • Full support of edmqmx6-dl (DualLite)
      • GPU acceleration
    • Misc
      • small documentation updates.

    AC97 audio will not be supported. The next BSP release will support an I2S audio codec (Freescale SGTL5000). The SGTL5000 chip will be used on the next revision of the Data Modul Q7 Reference Baseboard.

    Release notes 2014.11.25

    Release date: 25.11.2014

    Images | Virtual Machine

    • Hardware support changes
      • no support for cpu-modules prior 1.2 due some hardware changes like the switch of spi5 to spi2 for the flash
      • usb otg now functional
    • Image changes
      • add qt5.2 (without gpu acceleration, the libqt5quick library try to use the /dev/galcore which is not present and crashed the application)
      • the devicetree files now included in the fat partition where the zImage exists
      • all deployed files have now a md5sum file for the software update
      • add some useful tools
        • coreutils
        • util-linux
        • mtdutils
    • Virtual machine changes
      • VM is now 64-bit and the latest ubuntu:precice (LTS) version 12.04.5
      • some tools added like lzop, bridging utils
    • Kernel changes
      • update to kernel v3.16.7
      • hdmi sound support
      • multi touch added
      • preliminary duallite support
    • Bootloader changes
      • barebox update to 2014.10.0
      • otp write support
      • new software update implementation
    • Misc
      • yocto changed from 1.5 to 1.6.2
        • gcc changed from 4.8.1 ot 4.8.2. The older one has produced some problems like corrupted filesystems.
      • github used as our backend
        branching model adopted so that things like gpu acceleration can be added afterwards
      • github used as backup for several sources than can not be found anymore

    Release notes 2014.05.07

    Release date: 09.05.2014

    Images | Virtual Machine

    This is a bugfix release for the 2013.12.17 release.

    • yoctochanges
      • opkg is now correctly installed and can be used for updates
      • /media is now a temp filesystem. Mass storages like usb sticks and so on are automatically mounted
      • chromium updated from 29 to 35
    • bootloader
      • barebox has a stability patch which improves the overall stability of the board

    Release notes 2013.12.17

    Release date: 17.12.2013

    Images | Virtual Machine

    • Yocto changes:
      We now use Yocto 1.5 (Dora) release.
    • Images changes:
      • These software components are added
        • bluez4
        • iw
        • chrom29 instead firefox10
        • sessionmanager slim for login
        • unclutter
        • dmctouch drivers (but not used)
        • opkg
        • iperf
        • fb-test
        • powertop
        • iproute2 (ip-tool for can configuration)
        • psplash
        • possibility to preserve the user home partition after full image update
    • Kernel changes: We currently still use v3.9-rc7.
      We have found some problems applying the yocto toolchain (1.5, 1.4, 1.3) with our kernel. To avoid these problems we use the oselas toolchain 2011.11.1 to prebuild kernel and modules for this release. But the used sources of kernel are still available on data-modul ftp-server
    • We added support for the following hardware:
      • i2c1
      • can
      • pcie
      • sata
    • Updated drivers:
      • all changes in /drivers/net/ethernet/freescale backported from v3.10.12
    • Enabled the following modules:
      • bluetooth
      • wlan
      • can
      • usb touchscreen
      • backlight
      • pcie
      • sata
    • Barebox changes:
      Updated from 2013.03.0 to 2013.07.0
      • SSU update
        • some configuration names have changed
        • consistency check on TFT parameter names

    Release notes 2013.07.10

    Release date: 10.07.2013

    Images | Virtual Machine

    • Minimal Improvements
      • yoctolinux - Task #183: License acknowledgement though user interaction
        • To build an image with freescale properitary code (like the gpu driver) the user has to read and accept the licence with an environment variable
      • yoctolinux - Task #200: use tool repo as repository deploy system
      • yoctolinux - Task #214: Integrate Firefox browser
      • yoctolinux - Task #217: optimize mount options for faster start of applications
        • remove of sync-option in fstab for ssd and emmc
      • yoctolinux - Task #219: include tslib in image
      • virtual machine - Task #180: virtualmachine: dmo user in dialout group for painless usage of serial lines and consoles
      • virtual machine - Task #210: remove sudo password request
      • virtual machine - Task #211: remove unused icons on the unity bar on the left side
      • yoctolinux - Task #251: add iptools to image
    • Bugfixes
      • yoctolinux - Bug #170: The script dmo-video-800x480.sh is incorrect
      • yoctolinux - Bug #177: rootfs will be corrupted if the board is not switched off correctly
      • yoctolinux - Bug #215: On bitbake we get a wrong version failure for barebox
      • yoctolinux - Bug #227: After programming a whole image the Home partition must still be formatted and a root directory must be created
      • yoctolinux - Bug #247: fix wrong fstab parameter
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